The Beta RR 4T Enduro information source

Engine parts

Engine parts are all KTM equivalent. Aftermarket KTM parts, including HT Racing oil coolers, will all fit. Some engine/chassis interface parts, such as the Enduro Engineering clutch cylinder guard, will not work with the stock chain guard. Your mileage may vary.
Air filtersKTM EXC air filters will work on the Beta with some minor modification. This is what Dave did to his KTM No-Toil filters to make them work.

Chassis parts

Triple ClampBillet Racing Products now makes a compatible upper triple clamp. This means that aftermarket equipment like the BRP under-bar mount for a Scotts damper is now available to Beta owners.
Clutch leverStandard AJP long clutch lever (old style). Compatible part numbers include AJP E200010 (black) and E200701 (silver). The Tryals Shop seems to have a good price on them, their part number is 11.004x. The clutch lever also fits: (Scorpa 296) (Scorpa Easy 97-99) (Montesa 315) (Beta Techno) (Beta Rev-3 00-02) (Fantic 95-97) (Gas Gas 93-01) (Sherco 99-02)
Brake leverThe brake lever is a standard CR125/CR250 Nissin-compatible brake lever
HandlebarsKTM compatible. Aftermarket bar risers will also work
Front brake disc The front brake is the same as a 2006 Husquvarna WR250, TE450, SMR510, etc. This also means that the 320mm rotors from the TE will fit as well (Braking supermoto part numbers STX87D or SK087L). Remember, with a 320mm rotor you'll need a caliper relocator bracket (from a 2004-2009 Kawasaki KXF450).
Front brake pads EBC FA185 or equivalent (Galfer FD 164, Vesrah VD 161, etc). Super common, used on Hondas, Suzukis, Yamahas, Kawasakis, etc.
Rear brake disc The rear brake is equivalent to the same Husky models as the front. The Braking part number is HU07RID.
Rear brake pads EBC FA367 or equivalent (Galfer FD286). This is a popular pad, also used on lots of Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki MX bikes.
Aftermarket calipers

Braking sells calipers and bracketry for mounting their caliper to the Beta as well. Includes either a standard or monobloc option. Check out their site, for more details.

You can also use a 2004-2009 Kawasaki KX450F caliper relocation bracket with pretty much any aftermarket caliper setup. The KX450F bracket with a Brembo 4-pot caliper has been proven to work. The specific QTM part number for the Brembo axial mount 4-piston caliper bracket is 331-2018X

Front HubUnknown, but we'd really like to find out...
Rear HubUnknown, but we'd really like to find out...
FootpegsFootpegs are KTM equivalent
Rear brake leverRear brake lever is KTM equivalent, but the Beta bearings are smaller. KTM bearings will not fit the Beta lever. Use the KTM bearings with the KTM lever and the Beta bearings with the Beta lever. Also, the KTM lever may not fit the '08 due to revised footpeg placement.
Shift leverShift lever is KTM equivalent
BatteryBattery is YTZ-7S; this battery also goes in a 2005-2006 Honda CRF250X/CRF450X


Front SprocketKTM compatible
Rear SprocketSame as Husquvarna CR250, CR125, and other Husky bikes. The JT sprockets number is JTR822-[tooth count]. Parts Unlimited carries these.
Chain guideChain guide is KTM-equivalent